Lake Simcoe Ice Huts

 Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Rentals

Lake Simcoe ice hut rentals or fish hut rentals are available on several key locations around the lake. Many are located in some of the best perch fishing waters in Ontario. By mid season there is ice hut rentals available in deeper water for Lake Trout and Whitefish. There is simply no more convenient  way to spend a day ice fishing than in the warmth and comfort of an ice hut. This is a great way to spend a day with the family as any ice fishing day will be a memorable event for years to come. Most Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Operators provide transportation to and from the huts, provide bait, and some will even deliver lunch! Ask about special pricing for kids or weekdays.

Ice Hut Rentals – Cooks Bay to Kempenfelt 

Tim Hales 250x150
Bonnie Boats Fish Hut Rentals

Stewarts 250x150
Ice Fishing Outfitters

Casey's Ice Hut Rentals
Pefferlaw Fish Hut Rentals
/RMCAGOATV hut rentals

Ice Hut Rentals – Keswick to Beaverton
Love to Fish Simcoe Ice Hut Rentals

Simcoe Outfitters - Lucky's Sons
Gilford Yellow Huts
Terry Goy Blue Hut Rentals
Terry Goy Blue Hut Rentals


Ice Hut Rentals – Kempenfelt Bay

Bear Point Fish Huts

What should you bring?

Warm cloths for a starter but you might want to dress in layers as the rental huts get very warm. Bring a thermos with several drinks. Make a check list of and medication or special requirements you may need for the long day. It may take a while to get you back to shore unless its an emergency. Don’t forget your camera! If you get a great shot you can enter it in the Photo Contest and if you have a fish finder or underwater camera like a GoPro there are many interesting activities going on below the ice.

Lake Simcoe ice hut rentals do sell fishing licences. If you do not have a fishing licence and intend on purchasing one when you get there, it might be easier to purchase one online from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It will be much faster and you can avoid delaying your fishing experience. You should also check the fishing regulations for Zone 16 and if you have any questions check the section on the about fishing regulations.

If you don’t have equipment check out the Bait & Tackle section for equipment and baits that are performing best on Lake Simcoe.

Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Rentals

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