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The Rules of this Forum
« on: December 11, 2013, 04:34:11 pm »
The Rules
This forum or any Time on the Water Canada forums we have some simple rules. These rules have been developed from years of experience by the management and recommendations of other well managed and respected social media sites.

Our goal or the spirit of these forums is to provide a public medium for the exchange of information relating to our outdoors and issues surrounding and influencing our waterways and fisheries. We try to maintain a spirit of camaraderie, cooperation, fun, information, and help to our members and visitors that have similar passions.
We do not allow members to disrespect or abuse other members.
We do not allow members to disrespect, insult, abuse, or threaten other members, families, or their property.

We do not allow racism.
This includes remarks to or about a certain race, religion, or culture. This includes jokes of this nature.

We do not allow obscene language, pictures, or references.
This forum is for all ages. As much as we try to stay light and fun we do draw the line when we think some of the material is inappropriate. Sometimes moderators have to make a decision very quickly and on some days the spirit of the thread will be the determining factor.  

We do not allow free advertising or promotions.
We have an understanding with our sponsors that we will not allow promotion of non sponsors products or services. We donít mind discussions about any product you may use or have an interest in but when it becomes a blatant promotion we will delete it. As much as we want our members to get good value for their time and money this is not a free form for anyone to promote any product or service that directly conflicts with our sponsors.  

We do not allow links to other forums or social media sites without permission.
No Spam or Poaching
Anyone using the personal message system to promote products or services without the consent of the management will be warned, suspended, or ban from all Time on the Water Canada forums.

Moderators of this forum have the right to delete any post they deem conflicts with the spirit of this forum.

Questions about the rules or practices of this forum should never be broadcast in public. If you have a grievance or disagree with our policy please email me (John Whyte) at [email protected]

Thank you for your cooperation.    
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