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February Blahs
« on: February 19, 2020, 09:41:03 pm »
I got out to some newish areas today and it became very apparent very quickly that the FEBRUARY BLAHS are in full affect.
I moved about 5 times covering about 25km of Lake Simcoe and MAYBE only marked 15-20 fish ALL DAY.
I saw lots of cruisers on the camera off in the distance but they showed little to no interest in what I was presenting.   
I tried calling Fish in but I found the lake to be very murky making it difficult.
It wasn't until I pushed deeper (34fow) that I was able to connect with 2 white fish.  I literally went 2 for 2 which isn't bad but I was just in awe with how few fish I marked in shallow.
Here is a 4min video of my day.  TIGHT LINES AND STAY DRY
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