Bay of Quinte Ice Huts


Quinte Ice HutsThe most convenient and comfortable way to spend a day on the ice in the Bay of Quinte is in a warm ice hut rental. Hut operators provide transportation, bait, and some will even deliver breakfast or lunch.
This is a great way to spend a day with the family, friends, or clients while you catch some of the bays prize walleye, perch, pike or other species. The best table fare in the water comes through the ice!
5 x 8 hut  2 people    $125.00/day         
5 x 8 hut  3 people    $150.00/day
4-man hut     $150.00/day          Note: 4-man hut rentals for weekends Sat/Sun. $180.00/day



  • Fish Finder Charters Ice Hut RentalsDeluxe 6ft x 10ft insulated huts
  • 4 person/hole huts
  • Huts moved on a regular basis
  • Propane heated
  • 12 Volt light systems
  • Transportation to/from hut
  • Tackle provided if requested
  • Holes drilled inside hut and additional holes drilled outside if requested
  • Bait available
  • Weekend (Sat-Sun) daily rates $160 per hut
    Weekday (Mon-Fri) daily rates $135 per hut