Lake Simcoe Bait & Tackle

Lake Simcoe Bait & Tackle

Lake Simcoe Bait & Tackle stores are well equipped to supply you with all you need for a great fishing or hunting experience on Lake Simcoe and surrounding water bodies. Many carry live bait, issue fishing licences, rods and reels, sonar, flashers, GPS, ice fishing equipment including portable ice huts and other baits specific to the region. These stores are also an excellent source of information  such as Fish Hut Rentals, Marinas, and local accommodations, fishing reports and ice reports. Check the Fishing Reports section for what’s working lately.

Always ask if there are any special discounts for or time on the Water Canada member discounts.

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The Fly & Tackle Box
Caseys Bait & Tackle Port Bolster
Canning's Bait &Tackle
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There are many baits that work well on all lakes but every lake has lures and various baits that perform best during different seasons, depths, and conditions. Lake Simcoe is world renounce for Jumbo Perch, trophy smallmouth bass, and lake trout through the winter. You can increase your catch rates by applying techniques and baits that best perform for local Guides and anglers that frequent the area. Use the message board to ask questions. The members will be very helpful. You can also ask Bait & Tackle dealers what other anglers are purchasing on a regular basis.

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Popular Lake Simcoe Perch Baits

Lake Simcoe Perch Baits







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Most popular Lake Simcoe Trout Baits

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