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Welcome to the Lake Simcoe Message Board where you should find everything you need to know about fishing Lake Simcoe. If you have a specific question or just want to catch up on the fishing action you can view or register and join the discussion in our Forums. If you need a place to stay look in our Accommodations. If ice fishing is your interest we have a complete list of Ice Hut Rentals. To find a place to launch your boat check out all of the Boat Ramps around the lake. In our Bait & Tackle section you can find the latest hot baits, rods and reels, electronics and everything else to find and catch fish on Lake Simcoe.

About Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is located just a short cast north of Toronto and within an hour’s drive of millions of potential visiting anglers. For those who like a variety of fish, Lake Simcoe is hard to beat; with its deep sections for cold water species like lake trout and whitefish, mid-depth areas for popular fish like smallmouth bass and yellow perch, and shallower, weedy places that harbour largemouth bass, northern pike and a variety of panfish.

Ironically enough, despite being the most intensively fished inland lake in the province, it is during the winter that the vast majority of fishing pressure occurs.
More people fish here when they can walk on hardwater than at any other time. So, for visitors coming to fish the lake throughout the open water seasons of spring, summer and fall, they may find  themselves wondering  where are all the anglers went. Let’s just say that their loss is your gain and if you want to maximize your Time on the Water during your visit, then read on and we’ll try and help teach you a little about our big lake. 

Fishing Lake Simcoe

Fishing Lake Simcoe might be better detailed by species in season. Each season highlights different species but some species provide great fishing all year long.

Our lake might be famous for monster smallmouth bass, abundant whitefish and lake trout, but jumbo perch is what brings most visitors to the lake.